Speak Positive Energy And Kinetics

Too Often people are so focused on themselves and their own progress that they forget society is not only about helpings oneself to success… but to help each other Progress. People commit negative actions because “everyone else does it” and they feel this justify theirs. Hypocriticism, Selfishness and other bad habits need to be something we strive to eliminate from our behavior and while we may never truly accomplish this goal… we must Try.

Our goal with Beasthood is to use our Words and Actions to help others know that there is a reason to be better, that someone does appreciate it and that someone WILL assist you on your journey. All Men, Women, Children, Races and Ages is who I aim to help become better while we progress on our Journey to do the same in our own Lives.

We don’t just talk the talk… We S.P.E.A.K.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

“Queens, I Salute"…” by Johnny Magnum




To all the Beautiful Ladies I see, Well..

I just wanna wave and say I appreciate ya bae,

then stream it pon de rivas in detail.

I see you get hated online,

and degraded on lines in lyrics of rap songs while asses wrap thongs of those lesser than you,

but I know better.

Because see those same dudes hate you, just because you ain't true to the belittled image they scrimmaged while tryna play you.

But no, neva.

It’s so clever the brainwash tactics they use tryna confuse you to jump thru hoops and they may want backflips but...

Just flip em the Bird.

Then tell em they can take their lil worms & save em for bird brains.

You a Queen, a Phoenix,

not a slave to the penis,

You don't deserve lames.

You deserve the best you can get...

the best you can give.

You should find someone worth dying for,

so you can truly live.

Don't be lying down on floors then get on all fours for a dog who be lying just to get in yo drawls.

Victoria's secret was that she had control.

But before you interject, remember...

Self Respect will never replace the shame you contain relaying thru ya brain the lengths you went for sex.

I dare you to challenge your suitors to suit up betta to suit ya.

Then weed out those just tryna get in to cut, like sutures.

And these ain't doctored up feelings of an immature, fake Sweet dude with an agenda.

I'm a Big Boy and care about Cocoa, Mocha, M&M, Twix & etc.

A Real Man surrounds himself with women that's Great, and um...

Not one would ever go thru trolling acts just to infuriate em.

So Ladies...Queens...

I bequeath truth, unto you,

Never get enraged at a Knave and behave beneath you, for a dude.

Because I..



Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Rebel Without a Cause" by Johnny Magnum

Let me enlighten you bout what you like to do on ya Paper Chase.
You hustle to get cash that you can't wait to waste.
Coke, shrooms, E, Loud, you's a waste-a space.
You got ya head up in the clouds, here's some ankle weights.
It aint hatin', its information, I'm saying it so note it,
If you gotta do it... don't make it a career, Do it for the moment.
Don't struggle just to rent a car, do it til you own it.
If you can't fix it be a Hypocrite, do it, don't condone it.
Do it for the Loners, do it for the Populars,
Do it for those the same as you, do it for the opposite,
If you can't do it for yourself help someone from the Populous.
Do it for ya Bachelors, do it for ya Doctorate,
"They" expect you to be uneducated,
"They" expect you to be savages,
"They" expect you to blow money,
"They" expect below average,
"They" expect this train of thought,
"They" expect you to stay on track,
"They" expect you to be ignorant,
"They" expect you to ignore facts.
Your lack of cause causes "them" to lack respect for all Blacks,
So activist, let me ask you this,
When you gonna rebel against that?

Monday, January 16, 2012

“I Have a Dream…” by Johnny Magnum




I have a Dream...

That one day, the one way we seem to see things won't be crippling to our overall development.

Where the negativity we're enveloped in makes us wanna tell a friend...

"This isn't the end, you can get past that."

Cause I have a Dream...

That past acts won't deter me from getting on and skippin' passed blacks apps

because CP time is cool in ya era, due to Hip-hop hysteria.

I need you to be superior in other areas past rap.

Cause I have a Dream.

That "acting black" won't be synonymous with having lacks of:

education or,

respect reciprocation or,

The ability to grip a nation and inspire the precipitation of our reign.

And not wit the don't give a damn attitude that was used by dudes with nothing, to gain on our mission,

That mentality is now Inane,

Insane, yet persistent.

We are not the same,

things have changed,

we are different.

That was their past,

This is our present,

we are gifted.

And Some how,

Some way,

Some day...

I'll get you to listen...

Cause I have a Dream...

Well its more like a nightmare.

That this right here may be the last days.

It seems that I've lived past ages where the vision of being better than ya past ways... is passé.

Our kids can't even pass grades but got a Masters in passin' judgment.

It makes me wonder… “What if?”

Cause I have a dream...

But what… will… become of it?

Monday, January 2, 2012

“My Poem to Haters” by Johnny Magnum




"My Poem to Haters" by Johnny Magnum by Johnny Mag

I can see without sight,

My sights set on-Deathcon,

in the wolves in sheep's clothing,


hatin’ on me cause I can be what I like...

I got potential.

My mentals transcend like its no thing,

My mind bends space/time to see the future, I'm Winning, you the Loser,

Lucifer couldn't stand the heat that I bring,

So get out the kitchen.

You don't want beef you can't cook,

You are Lame,

yeah we at the same game but I play and you Look.

You are a Fan,


My Lust for success is insatiable

While being Great on your Agenda is notated under 'Things I'm Afraid to Do'.

You're Low Maintenance,

and Foul but I'm so Flagrant

I can stand still, shoot for my goals and not see you.

You're see thru,


You're complacent,

bowels compacted, sit down you won't do shit.

I'm combative,

I compete for things that are conducive to my well being,

I'm seeing so Lucid.

You wanna keep up?

Well good Luck tryna process what I've computed and I still want more.

You stuck wit a Pen and Paper tryna show your work?

Jerk I'm a Quad Core. You Unprepared,

How dare you try to disrespect me?

Especially since overheating is deadly,

You'd fuck around and die tryna sweat the Technique.

I'm the male Mystique, a shape shifter,

You claim to be predator but you Prey,

but did you ever notice that for some odd reason you only bold after you taste Liquor?

So I can sense how much you shook, my nickname Richter.

So don't front like you off the scale chill,

We both know you can't see me

but I know you felt and understand me,

Man see this must be how Braille feels… to a Blind man,

and I can succeed, because I am Me, So you envy

‘cause you do what ya told, you go wit the flow

and I do whatever I Damn well please.

At God Speed.

And this is my MP, H's,

My Poem to Haters

And they just,

wanna degrade us

‘cause they aint us.

But it ain't Justified,

So if I just decide

to fight fire with fire then

I just denied My right to call myself better than you.

So I combat ignorance with intelligence,

Belittlement wit benevolence

And ever since I sensed life was unfair this thought here would Level it.

My potential is limitless,

My haters are livid and limited,

And their punishment

is that they


to Live wit It.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go to War - Johnny Magnum


This was more of a Lyrical Quest for Knowledge for me than a Spoken Word/Rap piece. Originally I started writing this with my frustration of the way things went in my life but then towards then end I was inspired to respond to my own questions/concerns in what I can only explain as a Subconscious Omni-Presence and it gave me a level of clarity I’ve never had before. Take a Listen and see if you understand, Feel Free to comment or ask any questions about my thought process if you don’t.

Audio (Mobile Phone Friendly): http://filesocial.com/lneia7



Let me introduce me, I'll tell you what the truth be
Internal civil war never more we called a truce see
You gotta understand I’m a man its my duty
To protect myself and my Fam from these groupies

So I begin to dissect dialect with intelligence
Born as a perfectionist, saw it as a sign, no penmanship
Gangsta & a Gentlemen, Hell bound but I'm heaven sent
Guided by the Lord but the Devil got my GPS

I try not to be egregious, but it only makes me madder
two sides, one is badder, cant have Johnny without the Magnum
Can't have Mag without the Problems, long division hard to solve him
Hatred cultivating, I don’t wanna be the gardener


It's a little shop of horrors in my soul no detours
Lusting food for thought, just feed me, I'll see more
I'm tryna to open my eyes, heart and mind
But Why do demons get stronger when I start to grind

Yes I have some questions I want answered before I die
If God can't rid the world of the Devil, How can I?
How can I be expected to accomplish such a task?
Then I drop to my knees, fold my hands and ask why?


My son u have been chosen, I feel your losing hope and
I want to come to Aid but then your position would be worthless
You need to know your worth is immeasurable, I’m telling u
I blessed u with Free Will, so I can't tell u what u betta do

I've told u what to Never do, just follow the commandments
I gave u the gift of insight, Read the Bible understand it
See I've already Planned it, so Stand up against Satan
There's a Holy War waging, Life is just a Boot Camp

This was a featured track off my debut mixtape, African American Idol available for free Download and/or Streaming Here